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Quality Precision Machine Works

From day one, Cat-Wood Metalworks has been laser-focused on the quality of its output. With high-profile customers in aerospace, defense and other extremely close-tolerance industries, it is imperative that our machines, operators and quality inspectors are capable of meeting the most demanding specifications. To that end, we regularly upgrade our machines and software, add new technologies and capabilities, and provide ongoing advanced training to operational staff.

The machine shop at Cat-Wood is subject to regular maintenance, upgrades, and quality inspection. Our products are made from quality raw materials, and our passion for producing the highest caliber products is rivaled only by our commitment to delivering them on time. 


Cat-Wood is AS9100D-certified (including ISO 9001:2015), so you know we are operating in your best interest and at peak efficiency. This holds true at every stage of production. Consistency and quality are our top priorities and we ensure the precision of every product by using CMM’s, optical vision systems, and other methods.

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CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine)

With our Mitutoyo Crysta-Apex CMM, we can accurately measure any part along the X, Y and Z axes to ensure the precision of the operation. This technology gives us a comprehensive, incredibly accurate (+/-.0005) three-dimensional measurement of any manufactured part, no matter how complex, in an instant. CMM is just one of the many robust tools we use to test and document the precision and quality of our products multiple times before they leave the shop. 

OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency)

Cat-Wood utilizes an extensive digital monitoring system that assesses the efficiency and output of every machine at all times, ensuring the shop is running at full efficiency. OEE helps us reduce waste, identify mechanical problems early on, and make the best use of our capacity for the shortest lead times for our customers.


The Six Sigma approach to manufacturing focuses on improving quality by identifying and rectifying any and all causes of errors, defects, inconsistencies or delays in the manufacturing process. Our top management team is professionally trained and certified in Lean Six Sigma, and flows the knowledge to mid- and lower-level employees. 

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Quality Assurance Is Built Into The Process

To ensure customer satisfaction, our processes and operations conform to accepted best practices and proven methods of quality assurance, such as:

Lean Manufacturing

Identifies delays
Eradicates errors
Reduces waste

Vision Systems

Quality inspection
Random part presentation
Vision guidance

Six Sigma Manufacturing
(quality and consistency)

Optimizes for consistency 
Aims to codify quality


Improved reliability
Improved safety
Reduced product loss
Increased throughput
Reduced downtime

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