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About Us

Cat-Wood Metalworks is a proud veteran-owned and operated AS/ISO-certified machine shop founded in 1994. Over the years, we have built a loyal and varied clientele, including some of the world’s most iconic industrial brands. Under the leadership of Principal and CEO A.J. Rolling, an Airforce veteran with a Ph.D. in aerospace engineering, Cat-Wood makes customer satisfaction its number one priority. 

We continually update our equipment to expand our range of capabilities while maximizing the efficiency and capacity of our 25,000-square-foot machine shop in Dayton, Ohio. Similarly, we underwrite training and continued education for our employees. The Cat-Wood team comprises highly motivated, exceptionally skilled professionals with proven abilities and a demonstrated drive to continually improve. Cat-Wood gives them the training they need to maximize the potential of the technology at their disposal.  


New Ownership and Growth 

A.J. Rolling, a retired Air Force Lt Col and Aerospace Ph.D. fully purchased Cat-Wood in October 2022 as sole owner.


Cat-Wood is always glad to hear from skilled individuals who share our dedication to quality machining. 

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