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Minor Assembly Services

When producing multiple parts for a single component, Cat-Wood can send parts pre-assembled wherever possible rather than sending each piece separately. This practice of minor assembly, or light assembly, can benefit customers by reducing their shipping costs and fulfillment responsibilities, simplifying tracking and inventory, and reducing time to market.

With Cat-Wood undertaking minor assembly services,  customers can eliminate steps from their production lines and get their finished product out the door in less time. The benefits of this arrangement can be particularly impactful on large or repeating orders. 

Efficiency And Precision

Minor Assembly Services at Cat-Wood are geared towards efficiency and precision. Our skilled and experienced team fits components together assembly-line style and readies them for custom packaging. From there, our fulfillment team takes your part through final inspection, testing and quality control. Finally, parts are packaged, labeled and sorted as stipulated, and sent out for delivery.

Each stage of light assembly can be customized to ensure your parts are delivered exactly as needed. Custom packaging and labeling, inventory tracking, and more. 


We Don't Take It Lightly

Cat-Wood offers a broad range of assembly services. that allow us to combine multiple manufactured parts into a larger assembled component before or partially assembled. This often translates to greater efficiency and lower cost for our customers and lets them get their products out faster than if they were to undertake all the assembly themselves.

Taking multiple subcomponents and joining them to create a main assembly piece, installing customer-specified hardware, pins, gaskets, stickers, and applying part identifying markings using stamps. We are very experienced working with Heli-Coil threaded inserts (locking and non-locking), tanged hardware, press-fit dowel pins, and much more. 

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