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Many of the technologies that we take for granted as part of modern life (mobile phones, GPS, the Internet) were initially developed for use by the military. The Department of Defense (DoD) pours over a trillion dollars a year into the economy, with much of it going to defense contractors and subcontractors for the development and production of the high-tech gear that gives our troops the upper hand when conflicts arise. 

More than any other industry, Defense fuels the rapid development of critical new technologies that inevitably make their way from the battlefield into the daily lives of Americans and consumers around the world. 

Cat-Wood for Defense Work

Needless to say, military machining contracts are highly prized and the competition to win them is fierce. Regulations and qualifications are intense, demanding close machining tolerances that are among the most exacting of any industry. 

As a Service-Disabled–Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), Cat-Wood Metalworks is proud to serve the machining needs of the defense industry. While extremely close tolerances and strict regulations discourage many machine shops from defense product manufacturing, this is not the case with Cat-Wood. Work for the defense industry has been a mainstay of our business from day one.

High-precision machining of superhard, lightweight alloys is part of what makes machining for the defense industry too challenging for most machine shops to undertake. Cat-Wood Metalworks has earned its place on the list of preferred machining partners for some of the most prominent companies in defense contracting. Many of our defense-industry clients have been Cat-Wood customers for decades. 


Getting the Work 

With our ITAR and AS9100D including ISO9001 2015 rating, Cat-Wood Metalworks is beyond qualified to take on the most challenging defense manufacturing assignments. Parts Cat-Wood can manufacture for defense include components for aircraft, ships, land combat vehicles, weaponry, and more. 


As an industry leader in manufacturing for defense industry OEMs, contractors and subcontractors, Cat-Wood is well-versed in the ins and outs of submitting government bids. It takes considerable insight to formulate accurate, competitive, viable estimates on government contracts where the submission process can be off-putting to those unfamiliar with MIL-SPEC and MIL-STD guidelines. 

Doing the Work

The most assured path to submitting a successful bid for defense product manufacturing is to have experience on your team. At Cat-Wood Metalworks, our advanced CNC machine shop is ideally structured to produce high-precision parts for government bids.

Count on Cat-Wood to deliver high-precision machining in the challenging materials required by defense work, including aluminum, stainless steel, and titanium. We have the infrastructure in place to provide the security and transparency required by the DoD. And, most importantly, we have the team in place to get the job done on time and on budget. 

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