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The modern automobile is made up of around 30,000 parts ranging in size from large, such as the chassis, platform and frame, to the hundreds of clips, bolts and screws that keep it all together. Many of these parts are produced with automotive precision machinery to ensure they meet the size, geometry and material specifications required. 

Any deviation from the specs can result in production problems or part failure. In the worst-case scenario, flawed machining can lead to a defective car making it to the showroom and, eventually, out onto the road, where a mechanical failure can be disastrous. Cat-Wood Metalworks has the capacity, capability, and experience to satisfy the exacting specifications and close tolerances of contemporary automobile manufacturing. 

Geared Up for Automotive

The only way to mass produce high-quality, affordable automobiles is by using Computerized Numeric Control (CNC), a manufacturing process in which automotive precision machinery is programmed by computer to perform complex cutting operations with near perfect precision. With a 25,000-square-foot machine shop containing over 35 CNC mills and lathes, four 5-axis CNC stations, and the finest engineers and technical staff in the region, Cat-Wood Metalworks is a CNC powerhouse. 

With 24/7 robotic machining on all of our 5-axis CNC stations, Cat-Wood operates lights-out machining for an extended production week of up to 198 machine hours. This capacity helps us significantly reduce lead times for our customers even as we increase production volume, achieve optimal repeatability, and keep machining costs to a minimum.


Turn to Cat-Wood for Tier 2

The vast network of parts manufacturers and suppliers supporting the American auto industry includes OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) and three tiers of subcontractors/suppliers. Tier 1 suppliers are contracted directly by the OEM (the automaker) to build various elements such as the engine, suspension or transmission. These can be quite complex and often require hundreds of engineered parts to complete. Tier 1 manufacturers will turn to trusted Tier 2 suppliers (Tier 2) to provide many of these parts. Tier 2 suppliers often begin their work with raw materials–metals, high-grade polymers and composites, which they acquire from Tier 3 suppliers.

The Benefits of Machining with Cat-Wood

As an engineer-owned machine shop, you can count on Cat-Wood to have the most advanced equipment available and the know-how to operate it to its full potential. Partnering with Cat-Wood for your Tier 2 automotive manufacturing guarantees you optimal results where they really count. 


Cat-Wood’s advanced CNC capabilities ensure that variation between parts is negligible, leading to a repeatability rate that is hard to beat.

Production Efficiency

Using the highest caliber CNC machines programmed and operated by accomplished professionals, and round-the-clock production capacity, Cat-Wood maximizes your production efficiency, increasing your return. 


Tolerances for automotive machining are exacting. Cat-Wood has a <1% scrap rate, indicating our accuracy in machining is among the best in the business.

Quality Control

To ensure customer satisfaction, our processes and operations conform to accepted best practices and proven methods of quality assurance, including lean manufacturing, six sigma manufacturing, and robotic capabilities.

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