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Additional Services

In addition to comprehensive CNC machining services, Cat-Wood Metalworks also offers a wide range of material procurement and ancillary finishing services through carefully vetted suppliers, specialist partners and affiliates, always at preferential rates for our customers.

Fulfillment services are also customizable with regard to packaging, shipping, tracking and so on. Delivery times are based on the size and quantity of parts shipped, among other factors. Expedited shipping can be arranged to suit customer needs.

Additional Services may include:


Aluminum, steel, plastics, copper, brass, PVC, nylon, Delrin, titanium and other materials can be procured at favorable prices. 


Cat-Wood maintains active working partnerships with the premier finishing specialists in our area for custom processes like bending, punch-per-print, laser cutting, EDM wiring, and more.


For products made from metal, plating can provide many benefits, including corrosion resistance, reduced friction, and improved paint adhesion. The process may include electroplating, anodizing, electropolishing, or other finishing procedures.

Heat Treat

Another finishing process, Heat Treat improves wear resistance by hardening the material. 

NDI-Non Destructive Inspection

Magnetic particle inspection and fluorescent penetrant


Standard joining hardware, such as screws, nuts, bolts, etc., are sourced at favorable prices.

Metal Finishing

Metal parts finishing, including chem film, passivation and other services, are handled exclusively by our affiliate company, Buckeye Metal Finishing.


Providing fine detail to any part, silkscreening is a vital finishing process. Where most other processes are limited to certain metals, silkscreening works well with all of them. 


Many of our specialized parts require welding to combine component pieces into complete parts.

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