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Computer Numeric Controlled (CNC)  machining has made it possible to quickly produce highly complex machined parts with a level of precision and repeatability that could never be achieved through traditional machining. With CNC precision machine technology advancements, including robotics, our potential has increased even further. 

Ongoing training ensures that our engineers and technicians know how to use our tech to the maximum benefit of our customers.


With each completed order, Cat-Wood reaffirms its reputation for delivering exceptional work on time. Our CNC capabilities have won Cat-Wood a multitude of repeat orders from leading firms in many of today’s most demanding industries.

Maximum Precision in Minimal Time

Cat-Wood Metalworks makes it a priority to stay on the leading edge of technologies that increase efficiency and precision in machining. Investing heavily in increased capabilities and capacity adds even more value for our customers, resulting in more repeat business and lower costs.

In our 25,000-square-foot machine shop, over 35 CNC stations include four 5-axis stations, all of which can be robot-controlled for round-the-clock operation. With robotics and automation, Cat-Wood operates lights-out machining on multiple stations for a production week that can stretch up to 168 machine hours. This can reduce lead times significantly while increasing production volumes and keeping costs down.

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Professionalism From Quote To Crate

Employing lean manufacturing and Six Sigma principles throughout production allows Cat-Wood to optimize every step of the process for maximum efficiency and effectiveness. From the instant we receive a request for a quote to the moment the shipping crate is sealed and the finished product sent, that order is executed by;l focused, driven individuals who share our passion for doing exemplary work every day. 

Cat-Wood follows a thorough, comprehensive quality-assurance protocol on every part before it leaves our facility. But we don’t view quality control as merely the final stage of production. For us, quality control is incorporated at every step, with formal inspections and testing conducted before the next step can commence.

The Tools To Do The Job

Our impressive lineup of CNC machines features an array of highly advanced multi-axis stations from the most prominent names in the industry. With technology advancing faster than ever before, Cat-Wood continually assesses its lineup and makes updates and upgrades on a regular basis. 

Most recently, we have introduced robotics to our capabilities with 2 Erowa ERC80s. This investment will allow us to run “lights out,” significantly increasing throughput while decreasing costs and improving efficiency. We have also purchased a total of 4 new 5-Axis UMC 500SS, a wire EDM, and a VF6 to expand our capabilities further and build on our expertise. 

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